Zitate von Donna Pinciotti

Zitate in Englisch

HYDE is looking at a nudie mag.
HYDE: „Check it out!“
DONNA pops in from behind.
DONNA: „I see that everyday!“

DONNA: „Back off. I am a flag. Are you gonna streak?“
ERIC: „No, we took a vote and it’s unanimous. We’re all very chicken.“
DONNA: „That’s too bad. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you naked.“
ERIC: „You’ve never seen me naked.“
DONNA: „Like a zillion times! We were kids and you were always running around the neighborhood naked screaming Wee-Wee Pee-Pee!“

DONNA: „How could they not catch you?“
ERIC: „I guess no one wants to tackle a naked guy.“
DONNA: „So true.“
ERIC: „Hey you didn’t, you didn’t see anything, did you?“
DONNA: „No, well, maybe just a bit. But not, not the bit.“
ERIC: „Wait, what do you mean bit?“

DONNA: „Pinciotti the underdog! Up by five. She fakes right, she fakes left, she fakes right then left, she fakes faking right and fakes left. Now she actually fakes…“
ERIC: „Donna! What are you doing?“
DONNA: „Running out the clock.“
ERIC: „There is no clock!“
DONNA shoots over him and scores.
DONNA: „Sucker!“