Zitate von Eric Forman

Quotes in English

ERIC comes down the stairs with two sodas in his hands
JACKIE: „Oh my god, finally, I am so dehydrated!“
ERIC: „Oh here, Piggly-wiggly diet cream soda.“
He hands her a can .
JACKIE: „I told you my top three choices were Tab, Fresco or Diet Rite.“
ERIC: „Again, you get Piggly-Wiggly diet cream soda.“

DONNA: „Hey, remember when we were eight and I beat you at wrestling? That was fun.“
ERIC: „Donna, you sat on my chest and made me eat a clump of dirt.“
DONNA „Alright, screw it, you wanna just play?“
ERIC: „Yeah, yeah, I do. Hey, you’re not gonna make me eat a clump of dirt again, are you?“
DONNA: „We’ll see.“

HYDE: „Well, this is a first. I actually agree with Jackie.“
ERIC: „What? You’re saying that I’m stupid?“
HYDE: „Donna just put on the full court press, man, and you dropped the ball.“
ERIC: „What are you talking about? All she said was she’d be alone on Saturday night with a pizza… Oh God, I’m so stupid.“

DONNA: „Hey Eric, I got this new bikini but I think it’s too small. Can I model it for you?“
ERIC, his voice showing his hatred for work: „Nope, I gotta…. wo-work.“

ERIC: „Welcome to Fatso Burger, how may I serve you?“
KITTY: „Honey, it’s me.“
ERIC: „I know. I…have to say that.“
KITTY: „Oh, oh, ok. Well, I was on a break from the hospital, so I thought I’d bring you some nice hot soup. Oh, oyster crackers!“
ERIC: „Oh, thank God, something to eat.“