Zitate von Red Forman

Zitate in Englisch

RED: „What the hell happened to Bob’s hair?“
ERIC: „Beats me!“
RED: “ His head looks like a poodle’s ass! Boy, just when you think you’ve seen everything…“
ERIC: „A poodle’s ass walks into your party!“
RED: „Eric, no using the ass word, you’re still in high school!“

RED: „Happy birthday. You know, the lawn’s not gonna  cut itself!“

RED: „Come on, I’m gonna teach you how to play basketball. We’ve got four hours ‚til your bed time. And we’re gonna drill, drill, drill.“
ERIC: „But I thought that mom needed your help.“
KITTY, (O.S.): „I can’t hear you Eric, I’m ironing. Lalalalala.“
RED: „We’ll start you off with a hundred squat-thrusts.“
ERIC: „Dad, we don’t even know who won.“
RED: „She did. Now hit it!“