Zitate von Kitty Forman

Quotes in English

Eric’s birthday.
KITTY goes down a couple of steps.
KITTY: „Hi kids. Um, I need your help with something. Jackie, Donna, Michael, Steven , young man with an accent could you give me a hand? Not you Eric!“
They all go upstairs. ERIC sits alone in the basement.
ERIC: „God, I can’t take it!“
He wants to exit by the basement door only to find RED standing guard there.
ERIC: „But I…“
RED: „No.“
ERIC: „No, I…“
RED: „No!“
KITTY enters again by the stairs.
ERIC: „Eric, honey, honey, could you come up here for a second.“
She starts up the stairs
KITTY (voice OS): „Shut up he’s coming!“

Eric and Donna’s hands are on the railing and slowly he puts his hand over hers. They look at each other. Suddenly, a crash is heard and they pull back their hands.
KITTY and RED are back and KITTY is drunk.
KITTY: „Ooohhhhh! Look at this! oohhh, We never thought to put a candle out here. Ohh, it is just so romantic!“