Zitate von FEZ

Zitate Englisch

FEZ: „I may not say this right because I am new to english, but she has tremendous breasts, yes?“

FEZ: „How can you say God hates you. At least you have a woman’s love. Be happy, whore!“

JACKIE, FEZ, KELSO and HYDE duck behind the counter.
FEZ (O.S): „Is he kissing her?“
HYDE (O.S): „None of us can see them Fez.“
FEZ: „Eric, are you kissing her?“

HYDE: „Oh, and I could write some really great slogan like ‚I hate the fuzz!‘ on my ass!“
FEZ: „If you hate the fuzz on your ass, well then you just shave it off.“

DONNA and ERIC are sitting at a table. FEZ joins them.
FEZ: „All this food for 45 cents. It is unbelievable.“
FEZ takes a bite of the content of the plate. And he puts down his fork. He pushes away his platter.
FEZ: „Oh, I see.“

ERIC: „Hey, you’ve got the masks?“
HYDE: „Yeah, I’ve got three Snoopies and one Nixon.“
FEZ, HYDE and KELSO: „Not it!“
ERIC: „Damn, Fez, how did you know how to do that?“
FEZ: „My country invented not it.“

JACKIE and KELSO kiss.
FEZ: „Please stop touching each other. It gives me needs.“
JACKIE and KELSO stop.

FEZ: „Hello Pretty Lady.“
TINA: „Hi!“
DONNA: „She’s not a pretty lady. She’s my sister and she’s fourteen.“
FEZ: „You know in my country…“
HYDE: „It’s illegal here.“
FEZ: „Oh, I see.“